Hideous Kinky tribute’s — Music: white land

This would like be a tribute to the movie Hideous Kinky (1998) i hope you will like comment please. Is the story of two sisters (seven and five years old) traveling with their hippie mother from London to Morocco in the late 60’s. They encounter many adventures, new experiences, and interesting culture as tag along on their mother’s search for freedom and love. It is told through the eyes of the youngest girl, and we learn her observations on life, Mum, and determined sister, Bea. Original music (white land) and video montage Francesco Monaco sar

Kaiet! — Брюнетки и блондинки

Me encanta Звери, y no podia dejar de homenajearlos con esta cancion, que para mi es de las mejores que tienen… Insisto en que aun estoy aprendiendo el idioma, pero bueno, podia ser!!!