Nail Designs

My first nail designs i made! Please note that i am not a pro, i just do these on myself for fun! Some are done by hand and some with help of stamp. I would love to hear what you think of them! :)))

Nail Designs

Thank you for watching and thanks to my fellow youtubers for inspiration on some designs!

Nailart Tutorial Halloween

Step by Step Nailart Anleitung Halloween Step by Step Nailart Tutorial Halloween Cat

Nailart Step by Step One Stroke Veilchen / Nailart Tutorial One Stroke

Farbverlauf aus Gel mit One Stroke Pinselmalerei

Graffiti Top Coat: How does it works??! (Decorazione Unghie Graffiti )

I decided to make this video to show how the Graffiti top coat actually works!