Nail Designs

Thank you for watching and thanks to my fellow youtubers for inspiration on some designs!

Valentine’s day Nail Art Designs

Sorry for the the «insert you text here» in croatian on the beginning, i don’t know how i didn’t spot it b4 :( Hope you ignore that and like the designs :-D

Nail designs

my latest designs, hope you like :)) Grey leopard print inspired by one of my fav artist Robin Moses :)

Nail art tutorial: Spring Flowers

Hi guys, since the spring is coming,i wanted to do something sweet and fresh. I hope you like these spring flowers! PS Before you try it on your nails, just practice drawing it with a pen on a piece of paper.

NISHA’S NAIL-ART (Мой маникюр) By Nisha

My Nail -art. My nails are longer at the end of the video. ( 3 cm ) I love nail-art and decorating. I don’t own the music the rest is mine. Anyway these are only some of my decorations. Некоторые из узоров и цветовых вариаций моих ногтей. Обратите внимание, что они не нарощенные, а действительно настоящие мои ногти. Самая большая длина 3см. В конце видео ногти очень-очень длинные.